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There is no specific path that lovers should take to keep the fire in their relationship blazing, but these five simple yet profound things have proven to cement relationships. Take a look, learn, and enjoy!



Communication is key. It is one of the most important qualities of a healthy relationship.

However, not everyone knows how to communicate properly, or even communicate at all.

Happy and healthy couples have this game down. They vocalize their love for one another, saying “I love you” often and offering compliments.

They also discuss the bad instead of sweeping issues under the rug. In order to move forward and grow, you two need to be able to truly talk about your feelings.

No matter how awkward or uncomfortable it feels, it will make for a long-lasting and fulfilling relationship.


Aretha Franklin sang a whole song about it, so you know it’s got to be important.

Respecting your partner comes in many forms. Maintaining a joyful relationship means respecting your partner’s time, heart, character, and trust.

However, there are many things people do in relationships that can break down respect, like name-calling, talking negatively about the other to friends or family, and/or threatening to leave the relationship.


Often, we forget to let other people in our lives know that we appreciate them.

We think it, but we don’t remember to show it. This occurs in our romantic relationships as well.

Show your special someone that you love him or her. This could be done with words, cards, flowers, acts of kindness, or more.

Remember, a flower a day keeps the fights at bay. Okay, maybe not every day, but you get the point.

Quality Time, Not Quantity


It’s all about quality over quantity. It doesn’t matter how much time you and your partner spend together.

The most important part is about the quality of this time. There’s a huge difference between having dinner at a table while talking about your day at work, versus having dinner while sitting on a couch watching the latest episode of The Voice.

It’s fine to zone out together and enjoy distractions, but it’s crucial to make sure you two are still engaging and spending quality time together to maintain a deep connection.

 Time Apart


Spending time together with your partner is important. But just as important is spending time apart.

Being able to do your own things and remain independent is vital. When couples spend too much time together, it can create an unhealthy co-dependence.

Maintaining healthy boundaries and some autonomy will make for a long-lasting partnership.

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