What Women Really want from Men.

Written by Esther Gold

Sometime ago, precisely two years, a friend of mine told me he was filing for a divorce, that he needed some ‘new energy’ around him.

Why? He felt his wife of four years wasn’t the same woman he knew while still in school before walking down the aisle.

After a series of complaints and disturbance from him, I decided to talk to the wife and also hear from her.

Fixed a day, got to their house. The wife, a once lively and beautiful woman, appeared very cold. I had to excuse the husband, took her upstairs to hear her ‘side of the story’.

As a way of keeping it brief, I would like to share with you some of the things that make every woman tick. From my conversation with my friend’s wife and my personal experiences with women, I have come up with the following ways of holding your woman ‘love-bound’:

*Compliments: Every woman wants to be told she’s beautiful. Like her hair? Say it. She smells nice? (Hey, be careful here o😂😂).

*Communication: Woman are talkers by default. Men listen more. She needs your attention 24/7,even when she isn’t making sense. No matter what she’s done wrong, don’t ignore her. You have to understand that women have something to say always. Whether it’s about the garbage guy or Michael Jackson being a soccer player, just listen. That’s your own way of communicating.

*Affection: You love her? Show it, don’t just say it. Get her her favourite perfume. Hold her hand while taking a walk. Kiss her when she least expects. Understand her love, sex language. She has varieties of ways of decoding things, understand them all.

*Respect: Bro, you ain’t the only one who needs respect. She loves it, too. Don’t talk to her as if she were your maid. The day you try it, disrespect shall follow you for the rest of your days. Why? She go package all your insults and serve them to you hot!

*Partnership: She’s looking for a partner. She needs someone who can help her grow spiritually, financially, intellectually… you name it. Stop being ‘just there’. Add value to her life!

About my friend and his wife? They got the spark back after we streamlined a lotta of stuff that went sour in their marriage.

How about you? Are you ready for a change in your relationship? Understand the ‘artistic’ makeup and you’ll Enjoy your relationship.

A splendid weekend to you!

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Esther Gold is the Publisher of Digitalaina cum Librarian. She's a social media influencer who is passionate about what she does.

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