8 Ways People Abuse Prayers.

Written by Esther Gold

Welcome to the Lord’s day. Hope you woke up feeling blessed already? If not for anything, the gift of life and yet another Brighter day. If i may ask, how often do you pray? do you just wait till you get to church or do you on your own have some quiet time with God? Are you even praying right or abusing prayers?

Today, we shall be talking on 8 Ways people abuse Prayers.

1. Praying only for the people who treat you good. Prayer is meant to push you to love the ones who you find difficult to love

2. Praying only for one’s needs, especially material. Prayer ought to cultivate a relationship between you and God. God does not mind blessing you with physical things, but what God cares most about is your heart and spirit.

3. Using prayers to wish others harm. The motive should always be love. Don’t wish misfortune on others. Prayers ought to make you more loving, not give a negative channel for your hate and anger.

4. Saying the cliche words “I will pray for you” and you know very well you will not. If you mean to pray for someone, pray for them there and then or honour your word.

5. Using prayer as a scapegoat and justification for inaction. Prayer is not an excuse for you to be lazy.

6. Praying for your country only when elections approach, terror strikes or a disaster happens. These are knee jerk prayers. Pray for your community in all seasons.

7. Making tribal, political or racial prayers that prefer one group of people over another. God does not engage in stereotypes. Prayers are a spiritual thing, where human spirits connect with the God Spirit regardless of gender, race, skin colour, economic status or tribe. God is not a respecter of persons. See people the way God does.

8. Making your prayers to be all about fighting the devil. If your prayers are always about rebuking the devil and silencing the enemy then you are missing out on the essence of prayer which is intimacy with God. Spiritual warfare is a small part of prayer not the sole purpose of prayer. Don’t let your prayers be centred around fighting the devil but about building a relationship with God as God increases in you and you decrease.

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