Be More : You are Simply Unique and Amazing.

Written by Esther Gold

Hey, has anyone reminded you how unique and Amazing you are today? Do you know you can be so much and even more? Anywhere you find yourself in this life, make sure you stand out, shine so bright and confuse your enemies..

I hope these few words of mine inspires you today.

Be a wall, let loved ones lean on you.
Be a ladder, lift those who earn your trust.
Be a lamp, shine a light on good work of others.
Be a spoon, feed others with your life lessons.
Be a pen, educate and inspire with shared wisdom.
Be a vase, give others a platform to grow.

Be More…
Than the limitations of your past.
Than the hopes of your enemies.
Than the sum of your past mistakes.
Than what seem impossible.
Than your fears.
Than your challenges.
Than your doubts.
Than what others think about you..

Now tell me, are you inspired? Be more dear.

About the author

Esther Gold

Esther Gold is the Publisher of Digitalaina cum Librarian. She's a social media influencer who is passionate about what she does.

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