What does the Word “Grace” Mean?

Written by Esther Gold

It is in Vogue to say, “By His grace” or by the grace of God”. What does the word grace mean?

Grace is an undeserved gift, it is what a man cannot obtain by his personal merit, that is what a man does not deserve. Grace means God’s enabling power.

Grace also means Favour minus Labour. Grace means Promotion without Qualification. When Grace speaks, protocols are suspended. If you doubt me , ask Esther. When Grace speaks, laws are broken. If you doubt me, ask King David. When Grace speaks, Educational Qualifications are useless. If you doubt me, ask Peter. When Grace speaks, connections are needless. If you doubt me, ask Joseph, from Prison to Prime minister.

The whole purpose of grace is not only to save us, sanctify us and be satisfied afterwards. It is also to empower us in the inner man to the service unto our king. Grace does not come to dehumanize us and render us inactive, rather it comes to make us do what we would not ordinarily have been able to do.

Through Grace we can overcome our greatest challenges. When you have the grace, you will never suffer disgrace. You are saved by grace, kept by grace, fed by his grace, delivered by his grace, moved to serve by his grace, motivated to do things for God by his grace. You need this grace.

Today, the Grace of God will speak on your behalf & will continue to speak for you throughout this glorious year in Jesus great name. Amen

Happy Sunday Fam.

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