Relationships and Poverty : What Every Woman should know.

Written by Esther Gold

Poverty is not enough reason to hold back your love if you believe in your own tomorrow. I would say, as a woman, strive hard to add value to yourself.

When you’ve added enough value to yourself, you would discover that you ain’t scared of the future because, you can almost see the future.
If you are not scared of your own future, you would have reduced your problem of at least marrying wrongly, reason being that, when deciding who to settle with, your judgment would not be clouded by sentiment and frivolity. You would see the man for who he truly is not for what he is.

Also, when you’ve added value to yourself, you know what you want, you won’t have to go on dates with every guy. His first approach, you know very well not to waste your time on him. Now, not everything goes.

The truth is, most of the time, girls try to give every guy that comes their way opportunity because, deep down, they are scared. They are scared of the unknown. They are scared they ain’t good enough. They are just scared. And when a woman is scared, she dates because she is scared of the future and this fear reduces her self-esteem and makes her vulnerable. When you are vulnerable, guys tend to take advantage of your vulnerability.

To build your self confidence and esteem, the truth is, you must firstly add value to yourself.
Keep improving yourself.

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