7 things that are truly a waste of time.

Written by Esther Gold

Are you aware there are things you do in life, but then it’s all a waste of time, energy and resources. Here are 7 things that are truly a waste of time.

1. Trying to make someone love you when they clearly are not interested in you : You can never force anyone to love you, go ahead and do everything you think you are good at, if they are not interested, no point.

2. Being in a relationship with someone because you feel bored or lonely : Some people once they’re tired of being alone rush into a relationship to kill bored or loneliness. Not like they love the person they are with,they just need someone to keep them busy. It’s all a waste dear. What if you get in there and get even more bored than you were alone?

3. Trying to solve everyone’s Problem : Trying to solve everyone’s problem would always amount to failure. It is almost impossible.

4. Creating fake problems so that you don’t have to deal with the real problems. : You have problems, face them, deal with them, creating fake problems won’t solve anything.

5. Constantly complaining about something you could have changed : Imagine having a guy who is voilent, he beats you up at every slightest provocation but then you love him and don’t wish to quit. Years after you both are married and the beatings continue while you keep complaining for the rest of your life. Here is a guy you could have walked away from.

6. Trying to win every conversation that you have with people

And Lastly,

7. Doing something just because it makes your parents happy while you are unhappy : Make your happiness a priority, you deserve to be happy. Do you first, then others.

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