Click Here To Save A Soul : Cornel Needs 2 Million Naira to Undergo a Brain Surgery in 24 Hours

Written by Esther Gold

Help save a soul. Our brother Ebere Ebere(Cornel) needs your prayers and financial assistance to survive.

“Cornel is a Nollywood actor based in Asaba who left his house yesterday morning for his normal duty I guess but on his way, he started convulsing while in a keke, he fell of as a result of that and hit his head at the main road but all thanks to God that there was no vehicle coming then, else it would have been a different story all together.

“He was rushed to a hospital by the keke driver and some good citizens of Nigeria. With the help of AGN ID card, a call was put across to the Delta state AGN chairman, Alex Idu, who immediately left all he was doing rushed down to the hospital, he also made a deposit of 30k immediately.

“Cornel was referred for a brain test and the result shows that blood has circulated almost all the parts of his brain. Am sure we all know how dangerous that is.

“Cornel needs 2 million naira to under go a brain surgery within 24 hours. I don’t know how best to ask for your assistance both prayers and financial assistance for the life of this young man to be saved.

“Tears have all stained my cheek as I struggle to type this message here and at this time of the night. Trust me, only your support can help him live again.

“For your support, pay into the account of the Financial Secretary, Actors Guild Of Nigeria Delta state.

“Account- 2002340597. Name: Brenda Eve Ndukwe. Bank- Zenith.

“God bless you as you respond positively in Jesus name. Amen.”

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