How To Be Consistent In Spiritual Growth

Written by Esther Gold

Have you been wondering how to be consistent in spiritual growth? Worry no more as digitalaina got you covered.

1. The same way you give your life to Jesus, you must also give yourself to the Holy Spirit. Submit to Him by confessing your interest to know Him.

2. You must always listen and learn from those who know the Holy Spirit with evidence of the fullness His ministry. Don’t listen to those who dull your passion for intimacy and divine presence. Great men like Apostle Selman, Pastor Benny Hinn, Apostle Arome etc.

3. Pray more in the spirit. In the car, bathroom, kitchen, sitting room always chew tongues, you’re releasing mysteries that will keep you consistent.

4. Stop feeding your body with food. The more you fill your body with food the more you’re distracting your spirit from pursuing consistency.

5. Always listen songs of intimacy. You must know that not all gospel songs can drive you to the secret place. Some songs are rascally and watery in content. Cultivate your spirit to listen to songs that stretch your hunger.

6. Always set your imagination to do more for God. Believe you can do more for God.

7. Always acknowledge your insufficiency, independence and inadequacy without the Holy Spirit. You won’t be consistent if your relying on your sense, certificate, skill or ability to move through life.
Only consistent people in the secret place are truly communicating their hunger and love for God not just church goers.

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