Twelve things you should know before you say “I Do”

Written by Esther Gold

Are you planning on settling down anytime soon, where are the intending couples? Get in here, this one is for you. Here are Twelve things you should know before you say “I Do”..

1. That being in love is not an adequate foundation for building a successful marriage.

2. That Romantic love has two stages; stage one requires effort, you have euphoric feeling for your partner, while stage two involves knowing and practicing their love language.

3. That the saying like “mother like daughter” or like “father like son” is not a myth.

4. That you can solve disagreements without arguing.

5. That apologizing is a strength.

6. That forgiveness is not a feeling, Forgiveness doesn’t make the pain go away.

7. That your Partner is not your slave and the house won’t clean itself.

8. That you both need a plan for handling financial issues.

9. That sexual fulfilment is not automatic.

10. That you’re marrying into a family.

11. That spirituality is not to be equated as going to Church.

12. That personality profoundly influences behavior.


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