Social Media Killing Perspective – Cosmic Macduff.

Written by Esther Gold

There is something I call the social media killing perspective. It is a normal preaching that you hear from people telling you not to do. To me, that preaching is killing. It is that time someone will tell you, you show too much of yourself on the social media. They tell you that it is as if your life is on social media. They make you feel bad because you are share- showing and telling people what you do, your progress about life and how you do them.

To them, it is bad. But trust me, to me, it is amazing. Sometimes when I am praying, I will say to God, thank you for allowing social media to be created by the founder. You may ask why I do this? It is because social media has giving one the opportunity of having an office that reaches to the world more than the office of a confined place.

Big companies like coco-cola, Virgin groups, Microsoft, dangote etc have discovered the power of social media and they now spend millions of dollars and naira to advertise their products that already has been known by billions of people in the world.

How much more of us who are starting? Lemme tell you, it is never too much. In fact, you’ve not even started sharing. When you open a new company, share it, tell people what the company is all about. When you open a new business, share it, let people know what the business is all about. If you are a wheelbarrow pusher, share it, let people know how you push the wheelbarrow with pride. If you are a tomato seller, share it, let people know how different and sweet your tomato is.

Never never get confined by the social media killer perspective of retaining your achievements. When you share, you are constantly becoming relevant in the minds of people. They are watching your progress and at a time, they will discover that you’ve mastered the craft of that particular business you are into and they will trust your brand because they know when you started.

Out of sight and mind is death. Never allow your business to be out of sight and mind. Keep it coming constantly. Keep it coming, keep it coming. It’s never too much.

My mentor watched me on facebook for five good years before trusting my consistency and growth and he finally allowed me in. If I stopped then, he wouldn’t be my mentor and today, virtually all I do came from social media and you keep telling me, don’t share everything?

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Esther Gold

Esther Gold is the Publisher of Digitalaina cum Librarian. She's a social media influencer who is passionate about what she does.

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