Leadership Isn’t a Title but a Responsibility.

Written by Esther Gold

When the word leadership is mentioned within our clime, what comes first to the minds of majority is an opportunity to occupy political positions. “Leadership is about vision and responsibility, not power.”- Seth Berkley. When one assumes a leadership position without a vision, less should be expected of that person as he/she will definitely be ignorant of his/her responsibilities. Thus resulting to waste of mandate.

In a society where leadership lies at the heart of developmental stride, there’s need for that society to produce individuals who do not only have the basic understanding of what leadership is, but should also be well breed in the cores of all the overwhelming principles of leadership.

This article isn’t aimed at poisoning the minds of the present leaders, rather to enable them have a rethink and redress in their leadership approach. Meanwhile, to the future leaders of which the future starts now, a bottom to top approach is required to indoctrinate the young minds that leadership is a responsibility not title.

You can only agree that leadership is a responsibility only when you set a vision which is aimed at service delivery, sacrifice, accountability and mentoring.

Service delivery; leaders are entrusted with the mandate of effective representation and it can only be determined by service delivery (it could be records of developmental strides). Hopes of the society becomes high considering the mouth watering manifesto most of the leaders flaunted in their course of aspiration. But the big question remains; are they living up-to expectations with regards to their promises? No, because they see leadership position as a title not a call to service to those that bestowed this mandate on them. They rob us of our mandate and shower same on few elite who protect their selfish interest. Services that was meant for the society are now narrowed down to pockets of few. Remember that if your actions does not inspire others then you’re not a leader. Leaders were meant to adjust the sails no to derange.

Accountability; In leadership accountability is the acknowledgement and assumption of responsibilities, for actions, decisions and policies. It also encompasses the obligation to report, explain and be answerable for resulting consequences. Only but a few of our leaders today could be liable for these. Some are even afraid to assume responsibilities to avoid being answerable to people. Through accountability, a leader fosters trust which can be made manifest by either taking risk for success or failure..

Sacrifice; Patrick Lencioni once said that leaders “sacrifice themselves for the good of others”, but what we experience today are leaders that sacrifice the people to save their pockets. Our leaders should endeavor to emulate the Christ-like leadership style if they really want to be successful and seen as role models. It’s better to take the pains and earn a good name rather than acquiring pleasures to earn a bad name.

Mentoring; this is a strategic tool that when done right, it can attract and retain high-potential talent and accelerate leadership development and readiness. Some self acclaimed leaders wants to be addressed as mentors but lacks the full idea of what mentoring entails. If you’re not ready to build up people that will take over from you, why then do you wished to be called mentor. Many have used this word to deceive the gullible masses but end up doing nothing. When you talk about mentoring, be ready to lay the groundwork either by business wise or sponsorship. Prepare for the mentorship launch by providing necessary tools, while communicating intentions with laser focus, launch the program and train mentees on process and tool. Build a relationship and assess progress then finally you evaluate the effectiveness of the mentoring program and pairings at regular intervals. Without these you’re far from mentoring. “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”-John F. Kennedy.

In the quest for leadership position, one should take into consideration the above and many more principles of leadership to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in discharge of duties because it can be a springboard to greater heights.

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