BBN Housemate, Ike has cleared the air on having sex with Mercy.

Written by Esther Gold

A viral video had emerged on Sunday morning showing both housemates, Ike and Mercy under duvet making body movements.

Some BBNaija fans suggested they were having sex while others described it as just romance .

However, the romantic couple cleared the air on Sunday afternoon while they had a discussion in the garden.
Ike said he almost had sex with Mercy but her pyjamas and facial expression prevented him.

Read the full Conversation below :

Mercy: I’m so scared my brother’s will kill me.
Ike: But nothing happened na! We just played around. Mercy: Yes, nothing happened but even if it happened. Haven’t I tried.
Ike: But it didn’t happen na!
Mercy: I tried na but it wasn’t easy. I almost gave up yesterday.
Ike: Yeah! You tried and I admire you.
You were in total control.
I won’t try that with you again for a long time.
I will let you rest.
I was almost at the point, it was close but you and this pyjamas did it.
Mercy : I also tried cos it wasn’t easy. It was painful.
I really controlled myself.
Ike: I really love you and didn’t want to disappoint you.
Mercy: Sweet mouth.
Thank God I wore this pyjamas.
That’s the type I will be wearing these days cos if I’ve worn the other short one you could have easily push it to a side.
Ike: Yes, the shirt one could have been easier. Or better still, I could make a hole on this one or tear it.
Mercy: No, you cant make a hole and why would you want to tear it when you can easily work your way from up to down.
Ike: That’s too much work. If I tear it, you won’t wear it again at all. (Laughing)
I really love you and I don’t want to loose you. You warned me earlier about the forbidden fruit.
Mercy: Are you scared you will die? Ike: It’s not even about dying. It’s about the seriousness of the whole situation.”

Both housemates with their discussion on Sunday cleared the air on the viral video which showed movements under the duvet that suggested they had sex.

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