About Us


I’m Esther Gold Inwang, Welcome to Digitalaina .

Digitalaina focuses on:

  • Relationship .
  • Fashion. 
  •  Health.
  • Entertainment.
  • Politics.

So if you love fashion, relationship and health talks, politics and entertainment you’ll feel right at home here.

Who this Blog is for. 

This blog is for people going through relationship stress, the ones battling with health issues, the busy ones, the ones with expensive taste for fashion, the ones who wants to live audaciously, but aren’t sure where to start .

Where to start 

You want to make advert placement on our page, you have relationship issues you wish to discuss and seek for advice, you need the latest styles you can rock to an event, Contact us @ 07087098009, or visit our facebook page @ Digitalaina

About Esther Gold 

Esther “Gold” Inwang.

Esther Gold is the owner and founder of Digitalaina. She is an avid blogger, a librarian and a writer.